AN UNFORGETABLE THREE DAY EXPERIENCE in the hearth of the Balkans. Your journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina includes Sarajevo with the Olympic mountains arround it and Mostar with the most beutifull sites of Herzegovina (Blagaj, Pocitelj, Medjugorje)

Day 1.   Sarajevo Old town – Bascarsija and it’s scents of Orient, churches, mosques and synagogue. Visit to the National Museum (Sarajevo Haggadah and other exhibits)

Day 2.  Trip to Mostar, the pearl of Herzegovina, Old Town, Old Bridge, Blagaj Teke, Medjugorje – the Catholic pilgrimage

Day 3. Trip by cable-car to the top of Olympic mountain Trebevic, one of the best sightseeing spots in the world. Visiting and walking through Sarajevo tunnel of life, built during the longest siege in modern history

Jajce – an old town that used to be a capital of The Kingdom of Bosnia, positioned on the waterfalls, tourist site that takes your breath away.

Tunnel of life was built in 1993. as the the only way in and out of Sarajevo during the 1400 days long siege of the city.

Trebevic is the Olympic mountain just a few miles away from the very city center. Come to the top by cable car, enjoy in pure nature and amazing view.

Mostar – the pearl on river Neretva with it’s symbol, the monumental Old bridge, that had been built in the 16th century by Ottomans, destroyed during the war in 1993. and identically rebuilt again. Many different attractions are located nearby, such as Blagaj Muslim Tekke, Catholic pilgrimage Medjugorje, medieval castles and tombstones, waterfalls and lakes.

Package 1

ALL PROGRAMS include lunch and dinner in the best restaurants each day, full time professional guide, confortable transportation to every spot, tickets for the museums, galleries and all other attractions. No money needed once you are here.

100 KM

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